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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the festival?
9th-11th February 2018

What is the festival?
The Gainsborough Old Time Festival is the premier U.K. and Europe event that specialises in American old time music and tradition clogging.
It generally takes place early/mid February and our current home is the Queen Elizabeth’s High School, Morton Terrace, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, DN21 2ST.

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What happens in the festival?
There are evening concerts on the Friday and Saturday, a wide range of workshops on Saturday and Sunday mornings, competitions and opportunities to perform in an Open Mic situation. There are also seemingly never-ending sessions around the school although around 1am you will be moved out of the main school area to allow the security systems to be activated. At that point those late night musicians will end up in the changing rooms.

What about food?
There is food available through the weekend and also a bar but you are welcome to bring your own.

What facilities are there?
Showers – admittedly basic – are available in the school sports changing areas.
Gainsborough is not well supplied for accommodation. Many people take advantage of the FREE camping – outside in tents for the hardy or inside on the communal gymnasium floor. Note that tents and shelters are not allowed inside, just bedding and camp beds. February can be cold so be prepared and also consider bringing earplugs to counteract the snorers if that sort of thing affects you.

What about car parking and mobile homes?
There is space for caravans and motorhomes but no hook-ups. Again this is free. Parking for cars and large vehicles is at a premium so please take note of any instructions you may be given about where to leave your car or van. Generally, large vans go on the school field to the far left of the entrance and smaller vans may be directed to use an area beyond the sixth form carpark which is at the southern end of the site, nearest the town.

Another note for drivers: Please check out the revised site ‘plan’ below (click for large plan to print). The large building to the left of the gymnasium (not to scale) is part of the new build affecting parking. This applies particularly to smaller motor homes who have, in the past, nipped round the other side of the gym into the small playground area. That has now gone and access round there is blocked. Smaller vans and tents may wish to consider the area accessed by the corner entrance and going up the side of the school. Parking is also available in the corner by the that entrance. The main field may not be suitable for tents due to parts being used by the builders and also the recent weather, so consider that other area. We have no idea how convenient or inconvenient this is going to be. It will be a case of ‘suck it and see’.

And other accommodation?
For those wishing to get B & B, the Tourist Information Centre can be contacted at 01427 676666 or try www.visitlincolnshire.com or use your favourite search engine on the internet.
Gainsborough has two train stations, the Central Station, logically near the centre, and Lea Road which is just over a mile further south. The school is a little under 1 mile north of the centre.

Here is a list of B&B's you could look for:

Taxi information?
Once at the Festival, a list of Taxi phone numbers can be found in the entrance.

How do I buy tickets?
Buying tickets may be done by post with the address on the publicity flyer and cheques made out to FOAOTMAD or online through our website www.foaotmad.org.uk using Paypal. E-tickets will be supplied by email shortly after a Paypal transaction but this is not an automated procedure so don’t be worried about a short delay. Current FOAOTMAD members (and current members of the BBMA) are entitled to a discount – bring your membership cards to show when you arrive! You can always join on arrival to take advantage of the reduction (but join first). Pre-booked receipts will be exchanged for a wristband on arrival. Booking in advance is not essential but it certainly helps the organisers and caterers in their planning.

Smartphone users:If you are applying for e-tickets for the Gainsborough Festival (see our website) please note that you will need to be able to print a copy of your receipt to exchange at the event.

Access details?
Access is from 5:30pm on the Friday until approximately 2pm on the Sunday. Concerts Friday & Saturday evenings, workshops Saturday & Sunday mornings, Competitions and Open Mike Saturday afternoon and lots of sessioning.

Where are the staff??
Finally, please be aware that the Festival is run by volunteers and some of us spend large amounts of time throughout the year to give you what we hope is a great weekend. The organisers only get the benefit of seeing the festival run well and people enjoying themselves. It can seem to be a thankless task at times. Also we are on a limited budget which we prefer to spend mainly on the artists, so we don’t necessarily have all the little luxuries you might think you deserve. Please don’t be offended if we say ‘sorry, it’s just not possible’.